The Statusflow story - Part 1

This is the first part of our Statusflow story - who we are and why we want to make status reporting 5x faster.

The Statusflow story - Part 1


Joel and I have known each other since we both started at PwC together as plucky young consulting graduates. 

Fast forwards 14 years and we’re back working together again - but now with the mission to provide consultants with more of the knowledge and tools they need to be successful, slightly happier and definitely less overworked.

We’re doing that on 2 fronts. One is where our aim is to give anyone delivering business change the knowledge and confidence of an expert. More on that another time.

The other is Statusflow -where we want to make it 5x faster for everyone involved in the status reporting process. 

This is part 1 of the story of where Statusflow has come from.

“Why is status reporting always so shit?” Joel Osborne - sometime in early 2022

Admittedly not a typical way to start a discussion but that was how one of our discussions started one day. And from that we shared what pissed us both off about status reporting, from every angle possible.

When we were the ones managing the projects, we hated the fact that getting updates on time was like pulling teeth. That we’d then have to spend ages re-wording them to make the look and feel right for that client, and that after it wouldn’t fit in the bloody box on the slide properly.

And when we were the ones providing the updates we hated the fact that we’d get an email or chat message saying ‘can you update your report please’ to which we’d have to open the report, figure out which bit was ours to update and then do the update. We both recognised that we were people we hated when we were managing the projects.

Yet in our almost 30 years of experience, we didn’t know of anyone that had ever really tried to find a way to make the whole thing better. There were some variations of how to get the updates, how to improve the chasing (we’ll share everything we’ve learnt in a blog soon) - but no-one really felt they’d properly cracked the problem. They’d just made it slightly less shit.

Turning to Oyvind and Will to turn a problem into a solution

At the same time, I had been regularly speaking to Oyvind who was gearing up for his next adventure after his success in founding the SaaS scale-up Poq Commerce. Oyvind had been having similar discussions with Will, who was similarly gearing up for his next adventure after his success in founding and scaling online marketplace Rota.

We met, got to know each other, and decided we’d embark on the challenge on fixing status reporting together. Joel and I would bring the consulting experience, pain (and network) and Oyvind and Will would bring the expertise in building awesome products that fix pain. 

And with all that, our ‘still to be named’ business was formed.

Next week in part 2 I'll share our journey so far!

Whilst you're here...

Our website has gone live as of today. Welcome! It’s nice to have you here! And in celebration, we’re offering anyone that pre-orders Statusflow 50% off for their first 3 months.

For our lovely pre-order customers, we will also build your preferred template into Statusflow for you, and you’ll get access from the 18th April ready to make your status reporting dreams come true straight away.

We look forward to giving you some time back each week.

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