The Statusflow story part 3 - Launch day

Just over 3 weeks ago, Will, Oyvind, Joel and I set ourselves a 30 day challenge to make status reporting 5x easier for project teams. Our aim has been to develop and market a SAAS product to do just that, before finding it a long term home with someone that wants to take it forwards and make it even more awesome! Earlier today we completed the first big step as we launched Here is part 3 of our Statusflow story on our plans now we’ve launched.

The Statusflow story part 3 - Launch day

We launched Statusflow today.

It means that in just over 3 weeks, we have gone from an idea that we could do something to make status reporting easier to a live product with paying customers.

It’s pretty exciting. We genuinely believe we’ve created something that can give project teams more time back in their lives - something that is long overdue. (Let us give you a demo and show you here - and by the way, there is a launch week discount code at the bottom that you can use this week). 

The last week has been gearing up for ‘launch’ day. Will wrote brilliantly about some of the less obvious considerations that go into deciding when the product is ready last week. In this blog, I’ll instead focus on what we’ve been up to in terms of go-to-market.

Our go-to-market plan

Building our go-to-market plan has been a bit of a learning curve for me. My knowledge of b2c is all theory - so this was the first time turning it into practice. 

Here are the highlights:

Our sales target is at least 10 customers by the end of the month.

1. We expect our direct network to be the best route to market for now. All of us (Joel and I in particular) have lots of lovely consultants in our network that we can speak to first (expect to hear from us soon!). It isn’t an approach that will scale, but it is an approach that means we’ll get much more insightful feedback right now.

2. We’ve set targets by channel - both in terms of website attraction and conversion. The numbers are partly informed by research and partly made up. But it doesn’t matter - it gives us something to focus on as we learn what is going to work best.

Our performance by channels so far

3. We’re testing out different types of content. So far, humor and the behind the scenes stories like this one are performing much better. It’s TBD if that’s because I’m rubbish at the more serious content!

4. We should have started a while ago in the key online consulting communities. Joel has been focused on becoming part of the Reddit and Fishbowl consulting communities - but this rightly takes time. We want to become part of these groups for the long term which means being a valuable part of the groups. It is a route to market for us, but it’s one that could have been much more effective if we already had a presence there.

5. Our first lead magnet has also gone live with our launch today. It’s an AI status report update generator (try it here). Our hope is that because it is something a bit different with a mixture of utility and comedy it is well shared. We shall see!

Our lead magnet

6. I would highly recommend anyone giving themselves a 30 day experiment to try out different channels, audiences and types of content for something they are interested in. It’s both a really effective way to understand how you can appeal to different audiences and brilliantly humbling at the same time (expect to feel a bit kicked when you spend a couple of hours writing something that no-one reads!)

We’ll update next week on how it’s all going!

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