The Statusflow story: Part 2

Each week we'll be sharing our story of building Statusflow. This week is focused on the interviews and surveys we've conducted with over 50 people to find out what they would need in a solution to make status reporting 5x easier for them.

The Statusflow story: Part 2

Last week in part 1 we shared the first part of our Statusflow story and why we want to fix status reporting. 

This week is our update on what we’ve done since to follow through on our aim to make status reporting 5x easier for everyone involved

What makes status reporting painful for everyone else?

There are lots of things that are annoying at work. Just because we found status reporting a drain on our lives didn’t mean everyone did. 

So like good consultants and founders, we’ve spent a bunch of time trying to find out if others felt the same, and if so, why - what was it that made it difficult for them. 

We’ve interviewed and surveyed over 50 people between the four of us and there were 3 big things that came out:

  • Getting status reports completed is a painful process that either requires a load of manual effort or dragging everyone into a meeting to do one of those painful person by person live updates or a bunch of extra effort on the part of the PM;
  • It takes project managers 1-3 hours per report by the time they’ve got the input, worded it properly, formatted it and sent it off to the client; but
  • It’s still a necessary and valuable process so that both the PM and the team know where each other, what they’re doing and can work together to address any risks or issues. As one of our interviewees put it ‘even chasing status updates works as a means of making sure stuff gets done.’

Where are we focusing as a result?

This has given us a pretty clear steer on where we need to focus our efforts. We’ve got 3 simple aims:

  • Give PMs a single view of status from across the project in a single place
  • Take away the pain and effort of getting those updates from across their team
  • Make it simple and quick for any team member to provide their update

We want to fix the flow of status information - so teams can focus on what to do about it. It’s why our name ‘Statusflow’ came about.

Where have we got to?

Will has been busy building ready for our launch later this month. The ‘report manager’ (the place where your report template sits and you can see all the updates in one place) is almost there - we’ve been testing it in house over the last couple of days. The process to make it easy to gather updates from team members is designed and starting to be built out this week.

In next weeks update we'll share more, screenshots, gifs, maybe even videos of Statusflow in action!

Think of yourself as an early adopter?

We’re offering 50% off for everyone that pre-orders Statusflow. That means for the first 3 months of use, a team of 5 can have their status reporting pain taken away for £14.50 per month.

We’ll be going live later this month so it won’t be a long wait - and don’t worry, your subscription will start from the first day you get access. 

You can sign up here.

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