The easiest way to collect & report project updates

Statusflow saves project managers hours every week.
It makes it easy to collect project updates and create great status reports.
Stop wasting time on spreadsheets, slides and complex project management software!

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Status reporting shouldn't take you hours.

Endlessly chasing your team for updates.

Searching chat, email, slides & spreadsheets.

Arranging meetings to get what you need.

Statusflow enables project leads like you to work on the status, not the report.

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“It shouldn't take me 3 hours a week and 5 different tools just to produce my project status report.”

Lisa, Managing Consultant
Boutique customer experience consultancy, London

Collect project status updates

Chasing status updates from your team is annoying and a waste of time. Let our software take care of it instead!

  • Request updates and schedule email reminders
  • Real-time collaborative editing of the report
  • A 5x faster way to contribute status updates

Easy for your team, even on mobile

Not knowing what you need to update makes status reporting feel like a chore. Be your team’s best friend by giving them exactly what they need to take action.

  • Personalised update requests for each team member
  • Individual checklists for each team member
  • Mobile-optimised update process
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Proven project update templates included

Choose one of the pre-built reports from decades of project management experience, or build your own tailored to your specific project needs.

  • Customise reports by stakeholder & project
  • Set up to reflect your branding
  • Download as PDF for easy email reporting

“I've had to organise a weekly meeting with the whole team just to get the updates I need. I could give them that time back.”

Michael, Principal
Global turnaround and process improvement consultancy

How it works

Create your project status 5x easier by automating the process of gathering updates and collaborating on the report.

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1. Set up your project
  • Choose a built-in status template, build your own, or let us build it for you.
  • Define sections and assign them to your project collaborators.
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2. Receive status updates
  • Set up reminders for collaborators to send their status reports.
  • Get notifications as collaborators complete their sections
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3. Send out the report
  • Tweak the wording to be client-facing.
  • Download PDF version so you can attach it in a regular email.

More status, less chase.

Save time on tedious weekly status reports and create a clear, concise status report in minutes.

“I have to send my first status update request on Wednesday just to have a chance of getting what I need back for my report on Friday. It's on my mind most of the week.”

Freida, Senior Consultant

Global strategy, technology and business transformation consultancy